ZilPay Wallet | Zilpay Wallet Extension for Chrome and Firefox

ZilPay wallet is a browser that you can use in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Brave. It permits users to interact with the Zilliqa blockchain without using a full node. Because it’s a bridge between a blockchain and a browser, it eases Zilliqa usage and lets you run Zilliqa applications from within its browsers. Also, developers can merge smart contract calls and enable the wallet to function with dApps (decentralized applications). This makes it simpler for creators to work with the blockchain.

ZilPay Wallet is an HD Wallet and remains safe by storing the private keys in the user’s web browser. It’s an open-source wallet, permitting the community to check the code to confirm it remains safe.

Why Choose ZilPay Wallet?

Developers created ZilPay Wallet out of the requirements of creating safe and usable Zilliqa-based websites. In particular, it connects users to the blockchain and handles account management.

Account Management  

ZilPay permits users to handle accounts and private keys differently, like hardware wallets (Ledger), while separating them from the site context.

This safety measure comes with developer ease: The developers can easily interact with the universally accessible Zilliqa API. ZilPay wallet understandably provides users a way to make them informed to have a simp

Blockchain Connection

ZilPay comes with easy and quick connections to the Zilliqa blockchain. This permits users to begin without synchronizing the complete node while offering the feature to upgrade the safety of their preferred blockchain provider over time.

ZilPay is compatible with the blockchain that has Zilliqa Compatible JSON RPC API, like private and custom blockchains.  

Blockchain Application

ZilPay makes writing UIs (user interfaces) to smart contact systems simple. Users can accept payments without knowing about smart contracts but can do more interesting things.

Support Multiple Operating Systems

ZilPay is a web browser extension that you can use in the following browsers: Brave, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. It allows a connection to the Zilliqa blockchain. ZilPay provides a connection between the blockchain and the web browser; it can simplify Zilliqa usage and enables users to run Zilliqa applications from within their web browser.

Instructions to Set Up ZilPay Wallet

First, download the ZilPay Wallet extension from its official website on your computer.  Then, navigate and hit the Create button on the homepage.  On the next screen, you will acquire a secret seed phrase of 12 words. You must jot down these seed words and tap on the Continue tab. The seed phrase is the words that permit users to restore their wallets. This secret phrase is something that you should store somewhere safe. Next, you should validate the seed phrase by selecting the words in the same sequence you have taken them. Then, a new page will launch on your screen, on which you must generate a hard-to-break password to secure your wallet and assets. For the final step, you should Accept the Privacy Policy of ZilPay and hit the Continue tab. All done; your ZilPay Wallet is ready to purchase, transact, swap, and spend assets.

How to Restore Accounts on ZilPay Wallet?

There are times when you require to restore your accounts because of the following reasons: If the device on which you have downloaded ZilPay Wallet gets damaged/corrupted/lost If you forgot or lost the passwordIf you purchase a new PC or smartphone and wish to access the ZilPay accounts on it. In all these situations, you must know how to recover your accounts. Launch the ZilPay Wallet extension or mobile app.On the home screen, hit the Restore button at the bottom. In the web browser, you should tap on the Restore option.  Then, provide the secret 12-word seed phrase you secured while creating an account. After this, specify a password to protect your wallet twice and hit the Continue tab.Remember ZilPay will only restore your first account automatically. If you have more accounts, you will require more accounts in ZilPay, and it will restore all your previously created accounts automatically.